Home Access Center (HAC) is available for you to access Student Name school information over the Internet.

Through HAC, you can view a daily summary of your student's attendance, schedule, and classwork. In addition, interim progress reports, report cards, and discipline information may be available.

To access HAC, use the following URL: use the link on our website at

An Access Code has been created for you to access your child's HAC record. Follow the steps below to use your access code...

1. Access the HAC Website at

2. Below the Password box click on the link labeled Click Here to Register With Access Code.

3. Select the district name Blytheville School District

4. Enter your Access Code, ACCESSCODEHERE in the Access Code box. (if you copy and paste be sure there are not empty spaces before or after)

5. Enter the birthdate of one of your children in a MM/DD/YYYY format.

6. Select Sign In and the focus moves to the My Account page.

7. Enter the desired password in the New Password fields.

8. You must compose and answer three security challenge questions if you have not done so before.

Any questions and answers entered here should be recorded and kept in a secure location.

This information can be used to access HAC in the case of a forgotten or an expired password.

9. Once the password is entered and the required security question(s) are created, select the button labeled Continue to Home Access Center, which opens the HAC login screen.

At this point, select Blytheville School District and enter your login and password to access HAC.

If you have any questions or problems with HAC, please contact your child's school office.