Tailgating activities for Nov. 9 Lakeside-Chickasaws game
David Cooke
Wednesday, November 07, 2018

From the Blytheville School District's Dept. of Safety and Security, and approved by superintendent Bobby Ashley.

1.  1 p.m.: Individuals interested in tailgating can begin marking (chalk, small stakes, etc.) where they want to set up, on the grassy area located between the middle school and 6th Street (grassy area only, not the parking lot or any area with concrete).  No tents, BBQ grills, or other items can be placed until after 4 p.m.  

2.  4 p.m.: Tailgating activities (set up of tents, BBQ grills, etc.) may begin within the grassy area between the BMS main building and 6th Street, the sidewalk and under the awnings (walkways).  All participants must provide their own table, chairs, power source, etc.

3.  8:30 p.m.: Tailgating activities shall begin winding down. A dumpster will be provided in order to dispose of trash. Tailgating participants will be responsible for making certain all trash is disposed of. 

4.  9:30 p.m.: Tailgating activities will end.

5.  Tailgating activities will not be permitted in the parking lot.

6.  Parking spaces will be available in the main parking lot (6th street entrance).

7.  Overflow parking will be available in the parking lots located around the BHS Boys Gymnasium.

8.  Restroom facilities will be available to tailgating participants (entrance/exit located on the east side of the BMS main building) until 6:30 p.m. No tailgating activities may take place in front of the BMS doors. 

9.  The football game will begin at 7 p.m. We strongly encourage all persons to attend the game and support your Blytheville Chickasaws!

10.  Inclement weather (heavy rain, flooding, etc.) may force tailgating activities to be cancelled. If tailgating activities are cancelled, an announcement will be made via social media and the Blytheville Public School’s website.