List of Blytheville School District 'Veteran' Employees
David Cooke
Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The following are Blytheville School District employees who were members of the United States Military, including the person’s branch of military, rank, years served and occupation today with the district:

Blytheville High School Veterans
Bill Brandon - United States Air Force, Captain, 1968-74, Vietnam War veteran, BHS math teacher;
Angie Burnside - United States Army, E-4 Specialist, 2000-06, BHS Science Teacher, Volleyball and Softball Head Coach;
Chad Wheeler - United States Air Force, 1990-2000, BHS English Teacher;

BHS/ALE Program
Lisa Guy - United States Army, Army Reserves, Arkansas National Guard, E-5 Sergeant, 1980-95, Teacher, In-School Suspension

Blytheville Middle School Veterans
Larrie Bell - United States Marine Corps, Enlisted Member, Corporal, 1998-2002, Commissioned School Security Officer;
Dennis Camp - Air National Guard, 1988-2012, BMS Seventh Grade Mathematics Teacher;
Robert Hartgen - United States Army, Private 1st Class, 1990-92, BMS 6th Grade Social Studies Teacher;
Jordan McBride - United States Army, Army National Guard, 2008-14, BMS Sixth Grade Math Teacher;
Chris McCormick - Arkansas National Guard, since 2005, BMS Mathematics teacher;
Vince McCroskey - United States Navy, Operational Specialist Surface Warfare, 2nd Class, 1980-85, BHS Football and Track Coach, BMS Physical Education Teacher;

Blytheville Primary School Veterans
Georgia Davis - United States Air Force, Enlisted Member, 1990-2010, BPS Food Service;
Beverly Fisher - United States Army, Enlisted Member, 1972-75, BPS Food Services;

Maintenance and Transportation Veterans
Carolyn Barnes, United States Army, Enlisted Member, 1984-86, Director of Transportation;
Bill Conley - United States Army, Spec 4, 1965-67, BSD Maintenance Dept., Painter;
Albert Davis - United States Army, Private, 1974-77, BSD Maintenance Dept., Painter;
Robert Harris - United States Army, E-4 Specialist, 1969-71, BSD Transportation Dept., Bus Driver;
Don Jenkins - United States Army, Army Reserves, E-7 Platoon Sergeant 1973-98, BSD Maintenance Supervisor;
Donald Ray Lawrence - United States Army, 1968-70, BSD Transportation Dept., Bus Driver;
James Martin, Jr. - United States Army, E-4 Specialist, 1980-86, BSD Transportation Dept., Bus Driver.